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Looking for a cute, sweet little slut to help you cum hard? My name is Tasha and I have the hottest little body and I want to make you cum all over it! Watch Lady Tasha - Smoking fetish on TNAFlix, the best xxx hd porn site. PING www. () 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from (): icmp_seq=1 ttl= ms: 64 bytes from hstratoserver.

This is the first story that I have ever written and will probably read as such. It is the first of many hopefully involving these characters and I look forward to your comments. As I pulled up to my duplex I noticed the lesbian couple next door, Lucy and Sophie, out on their porch. They were not only beautiful, but always positive and loved to talk. Usually I would talk to them any chance I got, but I was too damn tired.

As I waved 'hi' to them I also noticed a couple of extra cars on the street. I recognized them as belonging to mutual friends of mine and my beautiful roommate, Natasha. Natasha, or Tasha, as everyone knew her, was a friend from high school and we had decided to move in together for our first year of college. We stayed in town, unlike most of our friends, and everything worked out well enough that it was now somewhere in our second year living together. It might have been weird a few times, especially since I had always had a small crush on Tasha, but who wouldn't?

This woman was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5'9" with long blonde hair and blue eyes, obvious Scandinavian heritage, and she had the wittiest personality of anyone I've ever met. My perception may be skewed, however, because she also had the most perfect breasts of all the women I know, or have seen online for that matter. They are a 30E cup size! And how do I know that? I must admit on occasion I have done some things I'm not too proud of; I've sneaked peeks at her cleavage and ass, I've masturbated to her probably a little too much to be honest, and I've also looked through certain clothing articles on rare occasions, thus knowing her bust size.

I'm not going to try and justify my weakness, but I try to keep it in check as much as possible. As I walked into the side door of the house and into the kitchen, I was greeted by Tasha and our mutual friends, Megan and Erin, from the living room.

They all shouted hello in unison and I waved with a soft 'hey' under my breath. I was so tired that I barely saw who was in the living room. I wandered to my room and dropped my backpack on the floor before heading to the bathroom to take a piss.

After washing up and changing into a pair of gym shorts I headed into the living room to make up for my earlier half-asked attempt of a greeting. Hey Erin," addressing each of them individually as my mouth nearly dropped open from surprise. They were all in bikini tops and shorts. I have seen them at the beach before, but I certainly wasn't expecting it right now. Megan was a personal trainer and looked good in anything at about 5'6" with a pair of firm C-cup breasts.

I could make out the faint outline of her nipples through her top. Erin was a bit shorter at 5'3", but made up for her shortness with at least a solid D cup. She was curvy in the best way with an ass that was the envy of every girl back in high school.

Stammering a bit, I asked, "What are you girls up to? Then looking up at me, casually replying, "Yeah, we're just about to head down to the pier for dinner. Want to join us? I think Sophie and Lucy are coming too. Think I'll watch something and take a nap. Tasha grabbed her bag, giggling, "Oh come on, don't worry about it," nudging me in the arm, "We'll be back in a few hours, you get some rest, Dave.

I looked down and realized I was half hard the entire time. I waited a minute for the five women to leave the porch and sat in the recliner as I watched them drive away. Megan and Erin got in Tasha's car and Lucy and Sophie got in theirs. Whenever I got a chance to see Lucy and Sophie, I took full advantage.

Next to Tasha, they were the two most beautiful women I knew. Sophie was an inch shorter than Tasha at about 5'8", but her breasts were out of this world.

Using my knowledge of porn and all the sites with stats of stars and other women, I figured Sophie must be at least an F, probably a G-cup.

When she walked, her bosom would rhythmically bounce with her shoulder length brown hair, making any other task nearly impossible. She was fit, but curvy as well; she had a near hourglass shape that made any person on the street, man or woman, do a double take. And if she was with her girlfriend then all bets were off.

I'm surprised there aren't more accidents in our neighborhood from all the rubber-neckers checking them out on their nighty walks. Lucy stands just an inch shorter than me at six feet tall. Her body is truly a masterpiece that puts Michelangelo's sculptures to shame. She runs a gym downtown and seems to work out all day.

There isn't an ounce of fat anywhere on her except for her perfectly shaped breasts, weighing in at about a 34D. Her jet black hair is always in a tight ponytail, showing off her tanned shoulders and ample cleavage.

Watching them drive away, I relaxed a bit and turned the TV on. After flipping through all of the channels aimlessly a few times, I couldn't seem to get Tasha's bikini-clad body out of my mind. Before I knew it, my hand was in my gym shorts. Knowing that I had the whole house to myself and the fact that I can't sleep with a raging hardon, I sneaked back to Tasha's room. With the door only half shut, another moment of weakness overcame me as I peered inside.

Scattered across the floor of the far wall were Tasha's dirty clothes and on her bed, I saw Megan's and Erin's beach bags. I tip-toed through her room as if someone was home and slid across the carpeted floor to Tasha's laundry. Perusing through the top of the clothing articles, I came across a lacey thong and waded it up, putting it in my pocket. Walking over to the foot of Tasha's bed, I saw Erin's bag with her street clothes on top. I noticed her panties at the top and pulled them out of her jeans leg.

They were black and red and made of silk. A memory flashed into my head of a time in high school when she caught a kid in gym class smelling her while we did warm up stretches.

She slapped him so hard that his face was red all week long. I also remembered sitting behind her in World History so that I could see which color thong she decided to go with that day. Needless to say, my grades slipped a bit in that class. Standing at the foot of Tasha's bed, I looked around the room, anticipating a hard slap as I lifted the silk panties to my nose and sniffed lightly.

The aroma of Erin's perfect ass filled my nose and I could feel myself become even harder. I placed them back in her jeans leg exactly as I found them and moved onto Megan's bag. It was zipped halfway closed and not wanting to push my luck, I decided to only reach my hand in and see what I could feel.

My hand grazed a bra and my dick responded instantly. I went deeper in the bag and could feel a hard plastic cylinder. I held it in my hand and instantly realized what is was, a dildo. I took it from Megan's bag and admired it, knowing full well where it had been. It was about the same size as my cock, but tapered at the end instead of having a head of its own. Knowing full well I would never get a chance to see this guy again, I brought the 8 inch dildo to my nose and smelled its length.

Being even more aroused than sniffing Erin's panties, I had to know how it tasted I slowly took the head in my mouth and ran my tongue around it as if giving the object head. I pushed it a little deeper and sucked on it, envisioning sitting between Megan's strong legs and slowly inserting the dildo into her, teasing her.

Then slowly removing it and tasting her essence dripping from the toy. From the street I heard a car door slam and was brought back to reality. I heard Tasha yell out, "Just a second, Erin. Panicked, I tossed the toy back into Megan's bag and darted out of Tasha's room, running into mine and softly shutting the door just as I heard the deadbolt on the door click as Tasha barged in. Tasha left as quickly as she came in. I laid down on my bed as my heart raced, chuckling to myself, "Shit, that was close.

I still couldn't get the image of my three beautiful friends in bikinis out of my head. I felt my cock swell again as I thought about Erin's panties and Megan's dildo My cock was now fully hard, thinking of Tasha's magnificent breasts and warm cleavage wrapped around my cock. My cock was ready to burst when I remembered Tasha's thong in my pocket. I pulled it out and admired it again, smelling it and savoring the odor. I took my balls and put them inside the soft lace waist.

I wrapped the fabric around my sack a few times and finished by wrapping the rest of the material around the intensely hard base of my cock. Precum now coated my length as I envisioned Tasha's long and slender fingers wrapped around my cock, slowly squeezing harder. Her perfectly manicured nails stroking the underside of my dick and lightly scratching the swollen head of my member. I thought about her squeezing my balls in her strong hands as I felt the fabric pull up with every one of my strokes.

Finally, I thought of Lucy and Sophie kissing and riding each other with strapons, Sophie pulling back on Lucy's ponytail from behind or fucking face to face with Lucy burying her tongue between Sophie's enormous bosom.

The last thought pushes me over the edge and I erupt in ecstasy imagining it is Tasha's hand squeezing my shaft and Sophie caressing my balls. Stream after thick stream cascades over my hand and stomach as my eyes roll back into my head. With a final orgasmic shudder, I stretched out on my bed as I felt sleep finally coming to give me even more release from the day.

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